Size Guide

Follow the steps below to get your perfect fit:

Step 1: Find a tape measure

We recommend wearing a non-padded non-compression bra for most accurate results and if you’re wearing a tank or a tee, it’s best to give the tape measure a slight squeeze to get as close to the skin as possible.

Step 2: Measure the underband

Place the tape measure just below your bust and wrap around the circumference of your ribcage.
Note: It’s best to keep the tape measure parallel to the floor while measuring

Step 3: Measure your cup size

Beginning at the center front of your chest, where the breast tissue begins, measure horizontally over the breast with the tape measure across the widest point, stopping at the outer side body where the breast tissue ends.

Note: This measuring technique is to find your sports bra size, not the size of an underwire bra. To measure the cup size from against your chest, press into the center front of your bra with your tape measure before you begin.