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6 Series - Find Your Own Sportswear

6 Series - Find Your Own Sportswear

How to choose women’s activewear? Besides considering protection, sweat-wicking, support, comfort etc.. Yvette believes that the key is to know your demands at first. Do you need a sports bra to wear without any tops or under a t-shirt? Do you prefer functional leggings in the gym or more fashionable ones on the street? People don’t buy sports apparel for a single reason; Their demands for sportswear are various. That’s why Yvette designed six series of sports bra and leggings to meet different needs. Sculpt, Shift Light, Enfold ,Limitless, Flee, Anywhere. With the six featured series. We are dedicated to helping every woman find her own activewear in any situation.

1. Sculpt

This series is designed to create richer visual effects on the body by adding more details and shapes, like three-dimensional structures, fabric stitching and segmentation.

(a)Sculpt Light Bra: Structural segmentation, making the bra fit the chest perfectly, can visually lift the breast for any sizes and shapes.

(b)Extra Sculpt Leggings: Joint lines and mesh to the sides of leggings, visually lengthen the leg line.

2. Shift Light:

    Choice of on-the-go look. Simple and casual design for the comfiest daily wear and travel outfit.

    3. Enfold

      Enfold series performs better in fitting muscles, which can enfold excess fat to show a more powerful and compact body.

      4. Limitless

        Freeness is limitless! With convertible and adjustable straps and underband, this series is designed to bring an ultimate free fitness experience.

        5. Flee

        Inserting large-scale mesh to present a sexier and softer body line, offering good breathability and support at the same time compared to fully wrapped activewear.

        6. Anywhere

        The softest touch and ultimate comfy feel, it’s all about treating yourself!!!

        (a)Anywhere bra: The most comfortable sports bra: No shoulder pain, no oppressive feelings. You will forget you’re wearing it.

        (b)Anywhere Leggings: Soft enough to support all-direction stretch. Smooth like a second skin. This series leggings bring the most relaxing feelings anywhere.

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