Our Story

Yvette is a professional women sports brand which was established by Nanjing Yvette Sports Development Co., Ltd. , aiming at providing High quality, Professional, Custom Adjustable and Fitness sports bra as well as considerate customer
The original text ‘Yvette’ means ‘female archer’ in french, which shows the spirit of modern women fashion movement. With the establishment of
Yvette, it continually attracts numerous supporters who share the same sports ideas, getting inspiration as well as support from these people.
Vitality, Professionality, High Quality and Comfortability are our brand concept.
Now Yvette market has expanded to many countries, like the United States, Europe and Japan. We also set up branch stores in Germany and Finland to provide our customers with more professional and comfortable sports bras. We’re certain the Yvette sports bra will be your best breast friend who will support you on your journey to becoming the best, most fabulous version of yourself!
At Yvette, we believe each woman who love sports should have their
own size of sports bras, that’s why our sports bra accommodates
women of every size—petite to plus, young to old. Size of our bras
can be set up to 6,7 sizes and we even set up 11 sports scenes. In a nutshell, your size is irrelevant cause we always have a bra that fits
you well!

Finland Branch –
Yvette Finland Oy
Teknobulevardi 3-5
01530 Vantaa
Germany Branch –
c / o DENAKO GmbH
Muggenhofer Str
90429 Nuremberg