Breast Cancer Awareness Month & National Mammography Day 2019

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM). It has been at the cutting edge of promoting awareness of breast cancer issues and has evolved along with the national dialogue on breast cancer. For women, October is an important time of the year to make appointments for mammograms.

As a part of NBCAM, National Mammography Day is observed annually on the third Friday in October. To remind all woman that the best defense is early detection, a mammogram can often detect a problem before there is any outward physical sign. In 2019, National Mammography Day will be celebrated on October 18.

NATIONAL BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION, INC. shares some knowledge about breast cancer to educating women on what they can do to be proactive with their breast health, read here:

Here are some FAQs for you to learn about:

1.Can physical activity reduce the risk of breast cancer?

Exercise boosts the immune system and helps you to keep your weight in check. With as little as three hours of exercise per week, or about 30 minutes a day, a woman can begin to lower her risk of breast cancer. This doesn’t require going to a gym either. Power walking is more than sufficient!

Note: Make sure you wear a professional women sports bra to give breasts the best support and protection.



2.Can a healthy diet help to prevent breast cancer?

A nutritious, low-fat diet (30 grams or less) with plenty of fruits and green and orange vegetables can help reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. A high-fat diet increases the risk because fat triggers estrogen production that can fuel tumor growth.

3.How often should I do a breast self exam (BSE)?

Once a month. Look for any changes in breast tissue, such as changes in size, feeling a palpable lump, dimpling or puckering of the breast, inversion of the nipple, redness or scaliness of the breast skin, redness or scaliness of the nipple/areola area, or discharge of secretions from the nipple.

4.What kind of impact does stress have on breast cancer?

In 2012, some research studies have shown that factors such as traumatic events and losses can alter immune system functions, and when immune functions are altered cancer cells may have an opportunity to get themselves established within one’s body. What has been shown is that it is not the fact that a major life crisis has occurred but instead how the individual reacted to this event and coped (or didn’t cope). Therefore, identifying ways to keep your stress level in check is wise. Keep doing exercise can release pressure, but it is very important to wear professional active wear during the workout.

October is underway and pink ribbons are dancing in the air to promote breast cancer awareness. With one in eight females in the United States at risk of developing the disease, it is important that women are aware of ways in which to protect themselves against it. Medical professionals confidently recommend lifestyle habits to women which have been shown to reduce the likelihood of developing breast cancer, including that they refrain from excessive drinking, avoid smoking, exercise regularly and maintain a healthy and balanced diet.


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