Yvette Echo Collection: Be Eco-Friendly & Sustainable, We are Making Progress

With the growing awareness about the impact of plastic waste on our environment, more and more consumer prefer to purchase eco-friendly products. Now days, recycled polyester is gradually recognized and accepted by consumer and manufacturers, it is becoming frequently used in garment market.

Recycled polyester is better for the planet

Recycled polyester, also known as rPET, is nothing like the polyester we know about. Polyester, a non-sustainable synthetic fiber, derived from petroleum-based ingredients. Unlike polyester, recycled polyester made from plastic bottles. These post-consumer waste plastic bottles, collected and the processed by mechanical or chemical treatment, magically become eco-friendly fabric.

What’s more, recycled polyester is less harmful than traditional polyester. It has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than conventional. Recycled polyester uses less water and energy than it would to create virgin polyester. According to a 2017 research study, when manufacturing recycled polyester, although the quality of recycled polyester is almost as same as traditional polyester but 79% carbon emissions will be reduced compare to traditional polyester.

Why We Create Echo Collection

Echo Collection, that is our response to nature and earth. There are billion tons of plastic on our earth. Our delicate ecosystem is deteriorating due to plastic pollution. Here is the fact, about 11 million tons of plastic waste is entering the ocean every year, and millions of marine animals are killed by ocean plastic pollution. This figure could triple by 2040 if people do not take action.

Yvette Sports hear the howling for help from the depths of the ocean. We try to protect the environment and save the biological diversity from the aspect of plastic pollution improvement.

In order to do something for our overwhelmed earth, breaking the plastic wave, Echo collection comes into being.  

Give Old Plastic Bottles a Second Life

We decided to give plastic bottles a second life. Plastic is the raw material of almost all synthetic activewear. Recycling and reusing is a wonderful thing, Yvette believe recycling is one of the most important ways to reduce the environment impact of garment industry. By using post-consumer used plastic bottles, we prevent them from being discarded into the ocean and landfills.

Every six plastic bottles collected, one sports bra or leggings can be produced. So far, we have recycled about 1,199,120 water bottles. We're always on the way to remove plastic waste from our earth.

How to turn old plastic bottles into clothes?

The collected post-consumer waste bottles will be washed and crushed at first. After a series of chemical reaction, we finally get a recycled polyester yarn--which is the main fabric of our recycled activewear.



Our Eco-Friendly Echo Collection

Yvette sports always focusing on materials and craftsmanship, restoring the emotions of design through the wearing experience. Through Echo collection, we try to convey the concept of eco-friendly and sustainable to women and young girls, combining eco-conscious with our supportive activewear. 

Our sustainable sports bra are great to the nature and our planet. Made from 75% recycled polyester which the composition is more than the most sports bra on the market.  

Echo For A Green Earth

High Support Sports Bra

Echo For A Clean Ocean

High Support Sports Bra

Yvette eco-friendly high support sports bra gives you something to feel reliable with a criss cross back support during intensive workouts. High support but won’t make your breasts oppressive. Support sports bra with non-removable pads keeps you move freely during the exercises. This is the best high support sports bra for women and girls running.

Echo For a Vast Forest

High Support Sports Bra

Echo For a Vast Forest

High Support Leggings

Inspired by sustainable lifestyle, this set of recycled activewear is designed to help protect our clean beach. Featured with soft and stretchy fabric, this set is suitable for low impact workouts like yoga...

Echo for a Great Beach

Light Support Sports Bra

Echo for a Great Beach

Light Support Leggings

Certificated by Global Recycled Standard, from the package to products, the idea of eco-friendly has always existed. This is our response to the nature, We are making progress, and we believe you're just like us...

Be A Participant

Be Eco-Friendly

Be Inspired.

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